Callie Shell

Charting the collective unconscious by gathering dreams about Barack Obama. Submit your dream and/or follow dreamsofbarack on Twitter. If you tweet a dream, tag it with @dreamsofbarack or #dreamsofbarack. Detail of photo above © Callie Shell
(From the folks who brought you Of the Chain of the Hook!)

"I dreamt that I was in a room with Pres. Obama and my husband. He was looking at some sort of device that my husband was holding. It was made out two metal ends that looked like a ruler and it had a center made out of glass with grooves. There was a red liquid inside the glass. Obama seemed to be giving his consent to my husband to use the device. It felt very real."

- Debbie
Tampa, FL

"I just dreamt I got in a car accident and Obama came to visit me personally at home to cry with me haha wuut"
"Last night dreamed that Pres. Obama needed a place to stay so we let him crash on our couch. In the morning, he stole ALL my books!"
"Dreamt last night Barack Obama was washing my hair. Thoughts?"
"I dreamt I was getting married to Barack Obama. He was leaving Michelle. All very dramatic. What does this mean."